During the ceremony we aim to be discreet therefore we use the best camera equipment for low light so we don't need unnecessary flash.  I like to stand at the front and make faces, but I won't ;) I do wear an invisibility cloak though and Emma prefers to hang in the rafters or up a tree so you'll hardly notice that we are there! The ceremony is undoubtedly the most important part of the wedding day and we work hard to capture the emotions so that you can savour them too.  There are reactions from family and friends that you won't be aware of, so it's our prerogative to photograph the expressions of laughter and tears so that you can relive the ceremony and remember one of the most bonding moments you'll ever have with your partner.

'WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucy you are our hero!!!!!! You have captured the wedding in a way that only someone who truly understands us could! We are so so happy with these photos, they are incredible and just remind us of what a special day we shared.

Thank you so much, this has given me the boost I needed!

Much love
Cate and Noel xx'





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